Synesthesia Wall Art – Lakme: Flower Duet

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Visually stunning Synesthesia abstract wall Art.  Elevate your space and your vibe by seeing sounds as a desktop background for your computer or wallpaper for your mobile devices.  This piece is of “Lakme: Flower Duet,” performed by City of Prague Philharmonic.  The exact version of the song makes a difference when creating from synesthesia (for) abstract art, there are tonal variations that impact what is perceived and seen in the song itself.  Help get yourself to a calm, focused Alpha state by experiencing this masterpiece song in a completely new way.  Available as a still work for download as a Wallpaper, or available as an animation to really provide the full experience of the artist.  Allow yourself to be taken into a meditative state so that you can gain clarity, and lead your day with a calm mind. Try your experience out first, listen to the song here: – and see where your mind takes you.  (Allow your Mind to guide you, not you lead your mind.  It’s mind-work, not brain-work.)
Measured Size: 8.5"x11"



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