Puck’s Infinite Game: Level 1 – Second Sight


Puck’s Infinite Game – Level 1: Second Sight

If you have been feeling stuck in your magic or manifestations, that you have been doing the work, but not seeing the results you want?  If you have been wanting more clarity, or the ability to fully trust in your intuition, this game has been waiting for You to play.   “Puck’s Infinite Game” only has rules we agree upon, there are no defined playing fields or arenas (how’s the entirety of the Cosmos for you?), it stretches & collapses time, we all win – even though there is no way to lose!  The only goal, is to keep playing!

If you also consider yourself to be a psychic & just want to have a little more fun with your Cosmic Creative powers – this game has been waiting for You to play, too!

How it Works:

1: Submit 3 Songs That Come to You Immediately —> 2: Puck Will Choose 1 of the 3 Songs to Paint —> 3: Once Completed, You’ll Receive the Work & Have a Guess as to Which One It Is (You’ll Know)

  • Free Print – Up to 16″x20″* ($115 Value)
  • Free High-Res Digital Download ($25 Value)
  • Free Co-Creation Journal Prompts ($18 Value)
  • FUN! Creating in the Quantum Fields – Results in Real Life (Priceless)
  • Confidence in Effortlessly Manifesting ($4000 Value*)
  • Clarity in your Vision & Desire ($2800 Value*)
  • Free Shipping & Handling! ($15 Value)

Over $6950 in valueYou Join *ONLY* for $600!


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